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Finding Colleges that Fit Your Major/Interest

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Resume Template

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Virtual College Tours

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Navigating Your College's Website

Most college websites include tabs (usually found at the top) for various parts of the college. The following is meant to help you navigate through these:

When in doubt - use the search bar or contact your academic or admissions counselor! 

Online College - Free Course Options

Note that these do not lead to a degree - they are simply to take the course for your own development/knowledge. You can also just watch the recorded lectures to see what a college lecture is like (though they are not all the same)

Resources: High School to College with a Disability

Transitioning to College

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Paying for College Advice

NYS Excelsior Scholarship Program 

Eligibility: An applicant must:

Researching a Career Path on Google:

Other Sources for Career Outlook Information:

Professional Organizations/Associations

(Note: You might consider joining or following one in your field of interest before graduation!)

Google your career title and "professional organization" or "professional association." Most professional organizations have a board/panel of directors, an About section, a Resources, Events, Newsletter/Magazine, Education, Jobs/Careers, and other pages within their website. If there are ads, it is not likely a legitimate professional organization (unless the ads are industry-based within that field). 

Career Pathway Guides - NYS Office of Professions

New York State Office of the Professions: You want to go to this site to see the requirements (usually beyond college/technical degrees) for the following professions:

Other Careers Requiring Certification/License

Business: Starting Your Own Business Resources

Construction Trades - Career Pathways

Library-Related Careers

Library-Related Professional Organizations to start with:

Military Careers

Teacher/Educator Certification Routes

Use this site to determine the requirements for the type of teaching/teacher assistant or other type of job in education that you are looking for: 

Learn about becoming a certified teacher: 

Learn about becoming a teaching assistant: 

Learn about starting a daycare / child care center in NYS: 

Teacher/Education-Related Professional Organizations to Start with:

Career Paths Across the Disciplines

Jobs in Fashion


Internships / Volunteering